Nov 3, 2009

Q :( - I am trying to use the Multi-Purpose sound file player on my Google Blog, referenced in your Google Blogging Tip # 58. I am only playing one song so I figured out how to adjust the option value to one song. The problem I am having is that it will not allow me to add this feature again. Once a second POST is listed neither song will play. Please tell me how to fix this problem?

A ): - This is probably being caused by a codecs problem within Google blogspot. To fix this problem, simply follow these steps for your Google Blog:

1) Sign-in
2) From Post or Dashboard go to 'Settings'
3) Select 'formatting'
4) Change the first line, 'show' to '1' post only (see the pictures below)
5) Save
6) Go to POST, copy and paste your Music Song Player File JavaScript Code, change the player using a complete URL address.
7) In the event you want to use only one player file, and it is not a Midi (.mid) sound file you will have to apply the extension...example: .wav -or- .mp3
Note: This player plays most Midi, Wav, and mp3 sound files
If you want to play only mp3 files then use the player shown on Google Tip # 55.

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