Nov 22, 2009

Blog and Social Network Site Preferences

Q1 :( Do you have a Facebook Page ?
Q2 :( What in your opinion is the best Blog or Social Network to have ?

A1 ): I do NOT have a Facebook Page and currently have no intention on getting one. Here's why - Facebook sent me an invitation to join, so I went online filled out the usual stupidness people ask for. Then at the end I get a message they wont accept the name : Blog Guy.
So I click on problem with name and in my email is a confirmation with reply memo field. I simply tell them they invited me, and the name : Blog Guy is used on all my sites and blogs. They send me back an email, 3-days later saying it wasn't acceptable and I'd have to comply with their requirements. Well WTF and excuse me, who ask who to join?
These people are arrogant and have a bad reputation for how they treat their customers.
Facebook is still getting new bloggers but more are leaving than joining. As I stated in my response yesterday on a different subject, people no longer need Facebook, Myspace, and Google. There are plenty of others out there to choose from, and more popping up everyday.

A2 ): Personally I like Google blogspot for a Blog choice. It has plenty of flexibility and is easy to use.
As for a Social Network currently I am going with the trend most people are, Twitter.
If you have a Blog like Google or Wordpress you may want to supplement your blog with Twitter, that's what I am doing, and so are many others!
In fact Twitter is the fastest growing Social Network in America. So Facebook watch out your own poor attitude will be your shot cumming.
So then I would recommend Google blogspot for a good Blog and Twitter for an excellent Social Network.

I hope this was helpful.
Keep your Blogging questions coming.
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The Patton Doctrine said...

Hi Blog Guy

I concur, I a hate facebook. But I don't think myspace and wordpress are any better.

I just stay with Google Blogs and Twitter, that should be enough for anyone.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, Facebook sucks, I closed my site last year, now U use Google.