Nov 18, 2009

Ask The Blog Guy for Help

Q :( I am doing a new blog. Do you know of a FREE program that I can download that will convert standard picture images to cartoons?
P.S. Sample Enclosed.

A ): I found one. You don't download the program you simple upload the image you want. They seem to prefer .jpg image format. You can use .png and .bmp as well. The size limitation is 500k with 500 x 500 pixels. I tried it out with the sample you gave me along with two other pictures I got from Google Online Free Images, all were in .jpg format.
You click on which cartoon style image you want converted. I tried the top 3, one for each image. You have to give the image a name. I just uploaded mine from the desktop. It takes about 15 seconds, so wait, when done just click see image.
Once there you can play with various attributes. I would look at it first then play with it.

Here is the LINK:
Convert Your Photo Image to a Cartoon

Here are three samples I did online uploading images:
The sample image you sent me - Boooty

Barack Obama

Sarah Palin

I hope this was helpful.
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Judd Crimson said...

Interesting - thanks for the tip.

I am actually writing to ask, what do you think of the new Google Wave?
Should I install it?