Nov 8, 2009

Ask the Blog Guy

Q :( - I noticed on some blogs I visit they have a widget device that shows what city, country, and even sometimes the name of the blog visiting. Is this type of widget accurate and reliable?

A ): - Unfortunately this is one of those yes and no answers. If it is your personal computer, especially windows, and is not connected to a network, then it most likely is reading your incoming IP Address.
The exceptions are when:

1 - If the user is on a network, like a business network. For example my office laptop is on a central processing server network in Phoenix Arizona. The network uses a program that blocks all IP Addresses except their own. So if I am in Baltimore and use the computer you see it as Phoenix. Some networks block all out going IP Addresses.

2 - The user has modified his Network Settings to show a fake IP Address. This can be done if you know what your are doing.

3 - The user has installed a program, you can buy these, that generates false IP Addresses or blocks your IP Address from being read.

4 - The user is utilizing an online program, many of these are free, to alter or hide their IP Address. Spammers love these programs.

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