Nov 11, 2009

Ask The Blog Guy a Question:

Q :( Hey there Mr. Blog Guy I had a Gadget installed on my computer site and now it stopped working, what causes this?

A :) Here are some general guidelines about installing Gadgets (widgets) on Blogs and Websites:

First if the code in not embedded then you shouldn't have any problem. Simple HTML Codes are the best, but even then you have to look for any links associated with installing these.

Next look to see if the code is JavaScript or Flash driven. If it is a JavaScript look for any part of the code ending in .js this means that the functioning part of the code is on another web page, and if that page is removed or altered then the link that makes the gadget function is broken and your gadget stops working. The same thing goes for Flash driven Gadgets (widgets). Look for any code ending in .swf or a line containing Macromedia Shockwave. If the originator removes or alters this code link your Gadget will no longer function. An example of this is you put a YouTube Video link on your Blog or Website and later discover by clicking on the video it no longer plays because the link has been removed.

I hope this has been helpful.

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