Jan 27, 2010

When in doubt, Ask The Blog Guy

Q :) The other day I got this pop-up notice when I tried to follow a Google Blog, see the picture attached. I got real panic and ran my anti virus program thinking someone hacked into my computer but it came up free of infection. Is this Google Notice real or should I be concerned?

A ): The Google Notice is sound. There is nothing wrong with your computer. If you had sign-in too your Google Blog / Profile account page you would have seen a notice of maintenance that looked like this.

If you did not see this notice, then there could be a remote possibility that someone hacked your computer.

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Jan 21, 2010

Just ask The Blog Guy

Q :( I uploaded a video yesterday but it wouldn't play. Now all my videos from previous postings which did play will not play, see picture enclosed, what is the problem?

A ): I received about 13 emails with similar questions.
Google is experiencing problems with Videos, both with new uploads and those that previously played. They are aware of this issue and are trying to resolve it. This may be why some people have not seen their favorite Blogs uploading anything over the past few days.
Important: This is not affecting all Bloggers, just some.
If you are uploading a Video, I suggest that you wait another 72-hours.
If you are visiting a Google Blog and the video doesn't play then come back in a few days, it should be fine.
You have not done anything wrong in uploading if the 'Publish Post' is in orange and ready for posting. The video will eventually play once Google resolves the issue.

NOTE: Some Google users are also experiencing problems with Followers and adding pictures. This may be caused by bad weather throughout the country with a particular Google Server in your area, or it may be your Internet provider having issues.
Again, hopefully, most of these will clear themselves up over the next 72-hours.

I hope this information was helpful.
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Jan 17, 2010

Seeking The Blog Guy's Knowledge

Q :( Blog Guy tell me why I am getting this message when I try and create either a Hotmail or Live email account, see picture I enclosed? What do you recommend I do?

A ): I received about nine emails since last Friday asking me this type of question about MSN / Live email accounts. So I tried to create a live.com email account for myself and got the same message. I only have yahoo and gmail email.

The picture emailed to me below is typical of what you get.

The most likely causes for this rejection are:
1) The system is under cyber attack.
2) There is a problem with accepting your IP address and returning and acceptable email account confirmation, this is MSN/Hotmail/Live problem.
3) The servers are down for maintenance.
4) The email servers and system are having an interface malfunction.
5) Not likely, but possible your IP Server is sending the wrong information. This is unlikely because so many people have complained and I couldn't get a live.com email address to set-up either.

See the picture below for a typical response from Microsoft.
Note - don't bother clicking on 'contact support fro assistance' it's a waste of time.

My Recommendations:
1/ Use Gmail or Yahoo. I have never liked Hotmail; MSN; or Live email accounts.
2/ If you are bent on getting a Hotmail or Live email account and if you have Internet through a cable subscriber, you can try unplugging your modem and restarting your computer, this will reset the IP Address.
3/ Wait 72-hours and try again.

Note: Microsoft you could at least put a message up that you are having problems, try again later. When I tried to create an email account it accepted my email address and allowed me to go through all the steps before I got the rejection message. You are wasting peoples time.
I wonder what your advertisers would say about that?

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Jan 11, 2010

When in doubt, Ask The Blog Guy

Q :( I heard there was a anti social network blog, is this true and what is it?

A ): Yes it's true.
It was created in France, that may tell you something. Its purpose is to kill Facebook, something I am not that crazy about myself, but I keep getting emails from people asking me to create one.
Here is a partial extract from their anti social network-
"Impress your friends, disconnect yourself," is the slogan on seppukoo, a site that aims to subvert Facebook by offering its millions of users a glorious end and a memorial page to match.
Learn more at their website:

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more later

Jan 5, 2010

Asking The Blog Guy a Question !

Q :( How do I get my Google Blog added or featured in Google blogspot 'Blogs of Note'?

A ): The first thing you should do is ADD your Google Blog as a Follower to 'Blogger Buzz.'
See link below:

How to Follow Blogger Buzz:

A Google Team reviews Blogs to determine who is listed on 'Blogs of Note.' I have found that blogs with 300 or more followers are often featured, but not always. Thus again, I must remind everyone to be Followed you have to Follow others. So please start by Following this Blog.
'Blogs of Note' are found on the main sign-in page on the right near the bottom, look here:
Blogs of Note:

Here is a Google Link that you can read more about Blogs of Note:

My personal comment about 'Blogs of Note' :
Come on Google, what's up with your selection of Blogs?
They seem to follow only a certain trend.
You should allow your Bloggers to recommend which Blogs are featured on 'Blogs of Note' get with it Google.

I hope this was helpful.

Please, I would like to hear from you, comment on this article about Google blogspot 'Blogs of Note' and let me know if you agree with my comment opinion.

Jan 2, 2010

Just Ask The Blog Guy

Q :( I heard Google has a new search engine page that allows a person to search multiple items at a time versus the customary one item per search per page, is this true and how do I access this page?

A ): Google does not have such a page. However, there is a private website that uses Google Search Engine technology and displays four Google searches at one time in a split frame format called:
You can view this site at:

Here is a picture of how it looks when you access the site. I have tried it and it does search four different items at one time.

The owner of the website, googlegooglegooglegoogle, is listed below courtesy of 'Whois.'

Hello, Happy New Year, and yes I am back.
Took some private time off.
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