Oct 31, 2009

Using and Modifying Google Friends Connect

In the event you do not want anyone Following your Blog, then remove FOLLOWERS by simply -
to your Blog.
Go to View Blog.
Look for Followers.
Look for the * just below Followers.
Click on the *
You will get a pop-up window.
Simply click on REMOVE.

If you want to STOP someone from Following your Blog altogether, then follow these steps - -
to your Blog.
You should be at the Dashboard.
Go to the bottom of the page, click on 'Manage.'
Find the Blog you want to remove.
Click on 'Settings.'
Click on 'Stop Following.'
Save / Done.
Wait for the Blog to recycle and come back to your LIST of Blogs you are following.
Then proceed to the next Blog if there are more than one or just go to the top of the page and click on 'Dashboard.'

Oct 30, 2009

New Followers Added

Just added some new followers here, on Blogs Follow Me, Non-English Blogs, and A List of Blogs for Adult Only.
Visit them.

Remember to Vote for your favorite Site at Google Blog Awards.

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Oct 29, 2009

Apple iMAC Computer Software

Since you answered a Windows Question about the latest software from Microsoft, can you provide me an opinion on upgrading from Apple Tiger to Leopard, my computer is 3-years-old ?

Also, I know some people who have installed security updates on their Apple iMacs and they have crashed, any truth to this?

Again this is not a Blogging question, but I will try and help you out:
Concerning Apple, here is my opinion-
First I wouldn't upgrade from Tiger to Leopard.
Second, you are right about the Apple Security Updates. I would wait about 3 to 4 weeks before loading an Apple iMAC Security Upgrade. This gives Apple a chance to correct any problems from input from their customers. Unlike Microsoft who sells software to third party computer vendors like Dell or HP, Apple services their own.

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Oct 26, 2009

Get Your FREE Halloween Animations from The Blog Guy

Please don't forget, The Guy Guy offers FREE File storage for:
Animation Files (.gif)
Flash Files (.swf)
Midi Sound Files (.mid)
WAV Files (.wav)
There is even a special page for Adult Animation Files (.gif)

Just added, was six animated (.gif) files for Halloween...
Just Click on the LINK-
Animated Halloween Files

To see all The Blog Guy's Free Online Storage Files
Just Click on the LINK:
Blogs Follow Me the Website

Oct 25, 2009

Notices of Changes to ALL of The Blog Guy's Blogs:

I have moved my ADULT Content Blogs on Blogs Follow Me to a new blog location:

Go to the New Blog Location, Just Click on the LINK-
A List of Blogs and Websites For Adults Only

I have moved my Non English Blogs and Websites on Blogs Follow Me to a new blog location:

Go to the New Blog Location, Just Click on the LINK-
Non English Blogs and Websites

They both can also be found on the Blog Roll List in Alphabetical Order on this Blog's Sidebar along with all the Followers of Blogs Follow Me, the Blog.

Oct 23, 2009

Keeping Your Blog Secure

The following is paraphrased and condensed from an online article by Google....
Third Party Codes, and Gadgets (widgets).

Adding site counters, templates, and other third-party codes including gadgets to your blog can be a great way to add some flare to your content, but can also leave your blog vulnerable to malicious activity if you aren't familiar with its source.

Over the years Google has seen a number of third party scripts disguise themselves as helpful add-ons, when in fact they are performing a malicious operation behind the scenes. For example, a site counter widget may indeed be providing your blog with helpful tracking data, but at the same time may also be discreetly sending that information to advertisers for the purpose of collecting the online habits of your readers. A blog template you downloaded from a third party site might include pop-up ads or links to dangerous sites that install malware on visitor's computers.

The good news though is that most of the add-ons you will run across are perfectly legitimate. To protect yourself from the small minority of add-ons that are nefarious, Google has put together a few tips to keep in mind when adding third party code to your blog:

Take a moment to review the code and look for anything that seems out of place. For example, if you are adding a weather gadget to your blog and notice in the code that there are links pointing to unrelated sites, take that as a red flag and keep searching for another weather gadget. There is no reason that a weather gadget should include a snippet link to another unrelated site.

Before saving new template code, always PREVIEW it first. Malicious template designers may sometimes include pop-ups or other unexpected ads in the template code, which will usually be revealed with a quick preview. If anything unexpected shows up in the preview, go ahead and discard the new code by clicking Clear Edits.

Backup your template! Whenever making significant changes to your blog's template, it's always a good idea to backup your content beforehand just in case you need to reverse changes.

You can easily do this from the Layout; Edit HTML tab by clicking the Download Full Template link and saving the .XML file to your hard drive. You'll then be able to revert back to this downloaded version by clicking the Upload button, also right under the Layout; Edit HTML tab.

Look first to 'trusted' code repositories for a new template or widget. There are probably thousands of places across the web where you can find widget and template code, but it may be helpful to first check out some of the more widely known and trusted sources.

The Blog Guy's Input:
Important Note: The Blog Guy test items on his own blog before issuing a Blog or website tip to his readers. This is of course not 100 percent guaranteed but it's better than you taking an all out risk on some code you don't know. That's why I get a lot of emails asking me about different Blogging Issues and Gadgets.

Oct 22, 2009

Questions for The Blog Guy

Hello Mr. Blog Guy,
Windows 7 is out today do you think I should install it or wait? I am using Vista now.

Although this is not a Blogging Question I will give you an opinion.
I think you should wait unless you have more than one computer. If you crash the one you have then there's a real problem.
Also, make sure you back-up your data before loading in any new major system software.

Oct 20, 2009

For ALL Google blogsot Users - Known Blogger Issues

October 20, 2009 - Announcement from Google (copied from thier site)...
Friend Connect is experiencing degraded performance this morning which is affecting many Blogger blogs. This results in several known issues:

* Your Blogger dashboard will report you are not following any blogs.
* Recently created blogs will see an error in their Followers gadget which indicates "Community not found".
* Managing followers from your Blogger dashboard is currently not working.
* Adding social gadgets to your site will generate an error when the gadget attempts to display a preview, and you will not be able to complete adding the gadget.
* Following a site by entering the URL into your Blogger dashboard will not work.

The Friend Connect team is aware of the issues and is working on fixes. Your followed blogs will return to your dashboard when Friend Connect operation resumes. We apologize for the disruption.

Oct 17, 2009


I have now included ALL Google Blog Followers; and any Website Followers from all my many Google Blogs and My Own Website.

Important - Many Followers have numerous Blogs or Sites, and yes they were all added. The ones that ware not added are those that require you to sign-in before using the Blog; or a Site that Google rejected for the Blog Roll (something beyond my control).

If I missed anyone, please email me with the Site Name and complete URL Address and I will add them.

From this LIST found on the Blog Roll you may VOTE for any site for the Google Blog Award issued weekly. To vote both the Blog or Site you are voting for must be following one of The Blog Guy's Blogs or blogsfollowme the Website; and you must be following as well to be eligible to vote by signing-in to your account and resister your vote for your favorite.
Remember if you don't vote your favorite cannot win, and YES you can vote for yourself.
Voting for this weeks winner closes today, so hurry and vote now. Please only vote once and vote every week.
Thank you,
The Blog Guy.

Oct 14, 2009

As of This Posting:

As of this posting, I have 212 Followers on my main Blog - Blogs Follow Me (http://blogsfollowme.blogspot.com)

I have created from those 212 followers a Blog Roll List in alphabetical order. Unlike my main Blog - Blogs Follow Me where Followers are categorized within many different Blog Roll List. I listed the Blogs and Websites here using only alpha numeric keys, so if your were using any characters or symbols in your Blog Name they were removed, so look for your blog name without them in alphabetical order.
Don't worry you are still on my Blog Roll List and my Links List on my main Blog - http://blogsfoolowme.blogspot.com/
You just now have double exposure for Search Engines to find you.

New Followers here or at Blogs Follow Me will be added to this Blog Roll List.

I am also following these Blogs, if possible.

I have ADDED to the Blog Roll List:
All Blogs and Websites under the user profile except Blogs that require someone to sign-in to access.

Not included or missed-
1/ - If I missed anyone I apologize, I am human. Please let me know and I will add you immediately.
2/ - I did not add any profiles. Some followers show up as a profile only.
3/ - I did not add anything for followers whose Icon Image did not produce a User Blog. This may be caused by an error in Google. It does happen. If you are one of those, please email me your Blog Name and complete URL Address and I will add it.
Thank you,
The Blog Guy