Nov 13, 2009

Asking The Blog Guy

Q :( Hello Blog Guy, what's the story on this Copyright crap versus the Internet?

Disclaimer Notice: I am not a lawyer, this is a commonsense answer only.
A ): Simply put Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks are all covered by law. In the United States these are Federal Laws. There are a lot of International agreements that are suppose to protect these rights, but reality is another issue altogether. Trademarks and patents are easier to enforce. Copyrights on the other hand is another story altogether. Look some commonsense is needed. If you put something up on the Internet, even if you embed your name / domain address it still doesn't mean much. It will not stop someone from copying it. The FBI is primarily responsible for U.S. Copyright protection. They are inundated by illegal copying of CD's and DVD's. They have little time for an individual. Also, claiming it is a copyrighted item means you have to own it, as in, you created it. It cannot be something that you plagiarized and then claim its yours.
As for Blogs like Googles blogspot they make a good effort to stop these types of things but keep in mind just on Google Blogs there's a new post about very minute somewhere in the world. Google claims there's a new follower added every second. Even if Google removes a Blog, people will simply create another one using Myspace, Facebook, Wordpress, etc.
So it's REALITY Check Time!
If you don't want someone else to have something you created, never put it up on the Internet because someone somewhere is going to download it, and probably use it.

I hope this has been helpful.

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