Feb 22, 2010

Known Issues:

Please be advised of the following known issues with Google Blogs-

1) - Google has identified a third-party widget called BlogLinker to actually be malware, and have temporarily disabled the blogs containing the script in their template.
If you are using this Widget, delete it immediately and run a detailed Anti Virus/Malware Program.

2) - Blog-o-Rator is not functioning on many Goggle Blogs including this one. The users experiencing this issue also cannot sign-in to their blog-o-rator account. I have notified Blogorator of this issue.

Update : I have written to these idiots but they have not responded. What was once a good Widget is now useless.
If you have this on your BLOG remove it immediately.
I am looking for something else to use.
I will advise my readers when I find a suitable and reliable Widget.

Note: Sometimes the criteria for WIDGETS change. I do not control the designer of the widget.
Blog-o-rator should no longer be used by Bloggers, Website Developers, or Website Owners.


The Daily Gun Picture said...

Hey any word on getting Blog-o-rator back up and working?
If not can you provide another Widget?

bing a bing said...

I hate blog-o-rator, never used it, it sucks.

The Daily Gun Picture said...

Hey Blog Guy, thanks I have notified two other users, they said they will remove that piece of crap blog-o-rator today.

When will you have substitute for us?