Feb 10, 2010

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Q :( I received an email offering a lucrative deal for advertising on my Blog. Essentially they offered to place ads and pay me 50 percent of what they made. When I made further inquiry as do these ads work like Google AdSense and I just install the code in JavaScript format, the reply came back: 'Our ads are sophisticated and only our techs know how to install them.' I immediately marked the email as SPAM.
Is there any validity to this type of offer?

A ): Thanks for bringing this to our readers attention.
NO there is no validity to this type of AD.
First of all never give your personal data such as your sign-in and password to anyone. That was the first BIG Red Flag.
Next, what proof would you have that you get fifty percent? They could be making ten dollars and telling you they are getting 40 cents, thus paying you 20 cents if anything.
This is just another Internet SCAM.
These scammers are getting more sophisticated and coming up with new ideas all the time.
Several things could happen such as -
1) They could use your data to access all the files on your computer.
2) They could use your Blog or Website for illegal purposes thus making you the fall guy.
3) They could redirect any other Ad Revenues such as Google AdSense to themselves.
4) They could delete your Blog or Website.

Thanks for bringing this to the attention of our readers, now they have been alerted to this scam, and hopefully will avoid these types of errors and mistakes.

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Anonymous said...

Damn good stuff, thanks for that.