Feb 7, 2010

Just Ask The Blog Guy

Q :( Why do these stupid email programs even ask you things like your Birthday; Zip Code; Name, and have those damn annoying characters to verify who you are and then they don't work anyway?
I have included a picture of the Yahoo Email account I tried to fill out.

A ): This question requires multiple answers:

1) Lets address those annoying characters, they are designed to stop robots from creating random accounts that can be used for SPAM or illegal purposes. If you type the characters in correctly and they still didn't work, I bet you are using an iMAC Apple Computer and Safari Browser. Try using Firefox.

2) Name - It is kind of stupid since you can make up any damn thing you want to as long as it appears as a first and last name. The email address is the only thing that is important.

3) Birth Date (DoB) - I agree, another really dumb idea, but probably created by some lawyer to avert lawsuits. This is suppose to stop anyone under the age of 18 creating an account without their parents knowledge. If you believe this works go back to your bat cave.

4) Zip Code - This is 100 percent moronic and is derived from a bunch of marketing jackasses who use this data to generate ads that appear within your email account. Zip Codes can also be falsely entered.
Example: You live in Philadelphia and you enter a Miami zip code, Yahoo only verifies that the zip code is valid.

5) Security Questions - If you had an older Yahoo account which I did they made you upgrade from one to two security code questions and answers. This upgrade is the result of someone having a serious brain fart.
However, the purpose of the security question and answer is so someone cannot access your email account, or if you lose the password to regenerate access to your account.
NOTE: I suggest if you lose access just get another email account. And, yes it is NOT wise to store opened emails and addresses in your email account even though Yahoo and others tell you they are secure. Again, if you believe this go back to your bat cave.

I hope this information helpful?

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