Jan 21, 2010

Just ask The Blog Guy

Q :( I uploaded a video yesterday but it wouldn't play. Now all my videos from previous postings which did play will not play, see picture enclosed, what is the problem?

A ): I received about 13 emails with similar questions.
Google is experiencing problems with Videos, both with new uploads and those that previously played. They are aware of this issue and are trying to resolve it. This may be why some people have not seen their favorite Blogs uploading anything over the past few days.
Important: This is not affecting all Bloggers, just some.
If you are uploading a Video, I suggest that you wait another 72-hours.
If you are visiting a Google Blog and the video doesn't play then come back in a few days, it should be fine.
You have not done anything wrong in uploading if the 'Publish Post' is in orange and ready for posting. The video will eventually play once Google resolves the issue.

NOTE: Some Google users are also experiencing problems with Followers and adding pictures. This may be caused by bad weather throughout the country with a particular Google Server in your area, or it may be your Internet provider having issues.
Again, hopefully, most of these will clear themselves up over the next 72-hours.

I hope this information was helpful.
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