Jan 5, 2010

Asking The Blog Guy a Question !

Q :( How do I get my Google Blog added or featured in Google blogspot 'Blogs of Note'?

A ): The first thing you should do is ADD your Google Blog as a Follower to 'Blogger Buzz.'
See link below:

How to Follow Blogger Buzz:

A Google Team reviews Blogs to determine who is listed on 'Blogs of Note.' I have found that blogs with 300 or more followers are often featured, but not always. Thus again, I must remind everyone to be Followed you have to Follow others. So please start by Following this Blog.
'Blogs of Note' are found on the main sign-in page on the right near the bottom, look here:
Blogs of Note:

Here is a Google Link that you can read more about Blogs of Note:

My personal comment about 'Blogs of Note' :
Come on Google, what's up with your selection of Blogs?
They seem to follow only a certain trend.
You should allow your Bloggers to recommend which Blogs are featured on 'Blogs of Note' get with it Google.

I hope this was helpful.

Please, I would like to hear from you, comment on this article about Google blogspot 'Blogs of Note' and let me know if you agree with my comment opinion.


poor-boy said...

Greta stuff, and I agree with your Google should allow readers to determine who is featured or at least vote weekly for their choice.
Most of what Google picks I wouldn't spend 5-seconds looking at.

Anonymous said...

I have tried to get google to feature me, got pissed off, moved over to Wordpress

Hatchet Jack said...

good info here

Guns of Iraq said...

nothing from google or any other corporate american giant surprises me

Jefferson Mulrooney said...

great stuff on your blogs very informative good job your my choice for all my blogging needs and questions