Dec 15, 2009

When in doubt, Ask The Blog Guy...

Q :( This is a two part question. I've been think about downloading an interactive chat program, any suggestions? Would you add this to your Blog?

A ): For the most reliable interactive chat program I would suggest trying Skype.
Choose either the windows or mac version that you need.
I would stay away from Yahoo and AOL Aim. iMAC comes with i-Chat which is a bastardize version of AOL Aim but don't use it.
As for the second part of your question, I would not add any type of chat program to your Blog, Social Network, Website, or Forum.

Note for Readers: An interactive chat program means it has multiple features such as-
1) It has voice. Good for older computers that have a microphone but not video.
2) It has voice and video.
3) It has interactive text or chat by typing.
4) It has limited conference calling.
5) It has Voice Dialing which allows it to be used as a telephone.

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good stuff thankx