Dec 3, 2009

Ask The Blog Guy a Question

Q :( Can you advise me where I can get a FREE Website ?

A ): You can try one of these two sites. They offer Free Websites:
Note: I have not tried these myself, but others say they work similar to the old GeoCities free websites if you know what they were.

Free Website Links:

I hope this information was helpful. If anyone has some experience with either of these free website providers or know of another Free Website Hosting Service leave a comment here and share it with us.

Got a question about Blogging, ask The Blog Guy.

I noticed not many people are VOTING over at the Google Blog Awards this week.
Please join and vote now, you have to be following The Blog Guy to Vote.
Yes, you can vote for yourself. Get your friends to follow me and vote for you. The award is given ever week to the best blog or site. Voters determine who gets the award.

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