Oct 14, 2009

As of This Posting:

As of this posting, I have 212 Followers on my main Blog - Blogs Follow Me (http://blogsfollowme.blogspot.com)

I have created from those 212 followers a Blog Roll List in alphabetical order. Unlike my main Blog - Blogs Follow Me where Followers are categorized within many different Blog Roll List. I listed the Blogs and Websites here using only alpha numeric keys, so if your were using any characters or symbols in your Blog Name they were removed, so look for your blog name without them in alphabetical order.
Don't worry you are still on my Blog Roll List and my Links List on my main Blog - http://blogsfoolowme.blogspot.com/
You just now have double exposure for Search Engines to find you.

New Followers here or at Blogs Follow Me will be added to this Blog Roll List.

I am also following these Blogs, if possible.

I have ADDED to the Blog Roll List:
All Blogs and Websites under the user profile except Blogs that require someone to sign-in to access.

Not included or missed-
1/ - If I missed anyone I apologize, I am human. Please let me know and I will add you immediately.
2/ - I did not add any profiles. Some followers show up as a profile only.
3/ - I did not add anything for followers whose Icon Image did not produce a User Blog. This may be caused by an error in Google. It does happen. If you are one of those, please email me your Blog Name and complete URL Address and I will add it.
Thank you,
The Blog Guy

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